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Getting Began with AVR-IoT and PIC-IoT on AWS

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In case you’ve labored with Microchip-IoT forums up to now, you might already be aware of what they’re and the way they paintings. If now not, we’ll carry you on top of things with the parts and services and products that permit us to safely visualize sensor knowledge in real-time on AWS. 

At an overly prime degree, the AVR-IoT & PIC-IoT forums are construction forums, supplied with a number of standing LEDs, two integrated sensors (gentle & temperature), a protected part (ATECC608A), and a WiFi module. The forums are pre-configured so they may be able to get started sending knowledge to a devoted Microchip sandbox hosted on AWS once their WiFi settings are up to date. As soon as your board is on-line, you’ll be able to view that sensor knowledge in real-time on the net, by means of the CLICK-ME.HTM document. 

AWS IoT Structure for AVR-IoT & PIC-IoT

That out-of-box revel in takes all of 30 seconds to arrange for knowledge to begin flowing, however there’s in truth a good quantity of labor that is going into making this imaginable at the back of the scenes. On this weblog put up, we’ll be that specialize in the cloud services and products that beef up the AVR & PIC sandbox environments, and supply a coarse framework so that you can start tinkering by yourself. 

The primary and maximum necessary piece to the program is knowledge ingestion – how we transmit knowledge from a tool at the edge securely to the cloud. On this example, there are a number of items which can be pre-set at the or configured at the firmware, along with the cloud layer:

  • Software transmits over 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Software is in a position to certificate-based authentication (by means of the ATECC608A) 
  • Software is sending knowledge over MQTT to AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is a controlled cloud provider that we could hooked up units simply and securely engage with cloud programs and different units. It acts because the cloud gatekeeper to all knowledge flowing from the threshold. 

As soon as your knowledge is within the cloud, there’s a large number of flexibility in what you’ll be able to do with it. Because the AVR & PIC IoT units are merely transmitting temperature and lightweight knowledge, we will invoke a easy Lambda serve as to retailer that knowledge to DynamoDB the place it may be accessed on call for by means of the URL you have been redirected to by means of the CLICK-ME.HTM document with the assistance of AWS API gateway. 

Lambda purposes are an event-driven, serverless computing provider introduced on AWS which can be an very simple and robust option to deal with run code with out provisioning or managing servers. The ease this is that we don’t wish to concern about managing the sources required to procedure knowledge feeding into the AVR or PIC sandboxes, which could be a arduous and doubtlessly pricey estimate to make, in addition to an extra administrative burden. 

AWS Cloud Architecture for AVR & PIC IoT Sandbox
AWS Cloud Structure for AVR & PIC IoT Sandbox

Transferring Past the Sandbox

Expectantly, this put up used to be informative and useful in offering some further element on how the AVR & PIC IoT websites paintings. In case you’re taking a look to discover extra advanced cloud answers on AWS together with your AVR or PIC IoT board, you’ll be able to use services and products like Kinesis to accomplish real-time analytics or SageMaker for system finding out to take your mission a step additional. 

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